(Hellhound Records, 1989)

Living Backwards
(Words & Music: Chandler)

I´ve been gone forever
Lost in my own zone
Wandering a wasteland
Trapped here all alone

No one here to help me
No one even cares
So I became the ruler
of the land of despare

Tried to catch the fast lane
But I was left behind
Now I´m only chasing
The colors in my mind
Dreams were made for mortals
None were left for me
So I´m living backwards
The past is all I see

I Bleed Black
(Music: Chandler, Words: Chandler, Weinrich)

Open my veins
I do it everyday
I live in a dark world
Where death is just an L.A. game
Feelings of caring
Are something I lack
Slice me wide
I bleed black

No one comes close
Nobody dares to care
I can tell by their eyes
They´re just a bunch of
Fucking unaware squares
They can´t tell
Just where I´m at
Slice me wide
I bleed black

They say I´m crazy
I should be locked away
But no bars can hold me
Still spread my decay
Hurt my bad side
I´ll make you crack
Slice me wide
I bleed black

When Emotion Dies
(Music: Weinrich, Words: Chandler)

When you´re sick and tried
And feeling blue
Just remember
You´re not the only you
Take a look around
We´re everywhere
We know your feeling
Just catch our stare
When emotion dies
You are alone
When emotion dies

Patra (Petra)
(Words & Music: Chandler)

When they told me
You were leaving
I began to
Feel sick inside
´Cause I never
Got to tell you
What I´m feeling
Inside my mind

In my nitemares
Caused by anguish
I can see you
Run away
In the daylight
I am hunting
Only to lose
Your last trace
I still feel your
Presence always
And I´ve fallen
Over the line
I am hurting
As I wonder
What it would be like
If you were mine

Ice Monkey
(Words & Music: Weinrich)

Prehensile? It clings fast
A purple primate, the snair´s cast
The endless chatter? It´s truth and lie
A double standard, it´s live of die

Cruel Kandiru, your being brings
You slipped inside, through
On temptation´s wings
It couldn´t be so, it always is
The way the game goes
Nature of the biz

Jack Frost
(Words & Music: Chandler)

Winter is coming
You´d better take care
For then I´m released
All mortals beware
Lock your windows
Bolt all doors
And hope it keeps me out
You better hope some more

Living things wither
Your bones feel my cold
I silently slither
Turning young into old
Bodies lie broken
Brittle from the wind
One moment with me
And frostbite sets in

Nights, they grow longer
When I´m around
Your world is smothered
Under frozen ground
Exposure to me
Brings on certain death
If you don´t believe
Just look at your breath

Angry Man
(Music: Adams, Words: Chandler)

I don´t need the madness
That society breeds
I don´t need the pressure
Comin´ down on me
Why must you always stare
I ain´t no fucking clown
Just want to live
Without somebody bringing me down

All I want is
To live my life
Easy and free
I don´t need
Human bullshit
Prejudice, down on me

Everywhere I wander
I stick out in the crowd
Constantly fight for relief
Abuse from all around
Now my mind is twisting
Contemplating revenge
But I won´t stoop to their level
I refuse to be like them

Hard for me to be happy
With sadness all around
Real easy to be angry
Ain´t no problem to frown
You´ll have to prove to me
That what I say is a lie
´Cause all I see is hatred
Splashed before my eyes

(Words & Music: Chandler)

Plastic unicorns point at you
Sideways faces are nothing new
Psychedelic sunrise at the foot of the bed
You get all this when you feed your head

Cellophane people, multi-colored sky
Scenery changes in the wink of an eye
You can smell the colors, hear the lights
A bit of mind-food works every time

Black turns to white red turns to green
The world looks better than it´s ever seemed
The walls are melting, the curtains breathe
Nothing can touch you when your mind is free
When your mind is free
When your mine