(SST Records, 1988)

The Creeps

(Words & Music: Chandler)

„I´ll give you the creeps!“
Creepy feeling, deep inside
Makes you sweat, burns your eyes
It´s behind you, then it´s not there
Drives you crazy, pull out your hair
Try to live, a normal life
Too much pressure, too much strife
You missed the edge, you´re locked away
Live with your fears everyday
Creepy feeling, deep inside
Staying with you, runs your life
Doctors let you, out today
They say you´re cured, you´re just not safe

Dragon Time
(Words & Music: Chandler)

Frightened people listen
To a dragon´s growl
Its sleep was disturbed
Now it´s time to prowl
Off in the distance
Villages burn
Frightened people running
Next, it´s their turn

It´s dragon´s time in the village tonight
People screaming filled with fright
No way to save their simple homes
Dragon´s breath is burning bright
Lighting up the darkest night
Leaving desolation all around

Ancient wings unfolding
The lair´s come alive
Ancient lips are cracking
As they´re grinning wide
Taking to the air
With gleaming yellow eyes
Driven mad by hunger
In search of any life

Leaving desolation all around

Shooting Gallery
(Words & Music: Chandler)

Last night I went to hell
The tenement, it smelled
Of the stench of death
The shooting galleries´ breath
I saw women and men
Kill themselves again and again
They make their own disease
And the end they will not see
Yesterday I had a girl
To me, she meant all the world
Until the needle filled her arm
Now she fills me with alarm
Tombstone graves fill her eyes
She looks at me with mad despise
I pity her destiny
Now she´s only hating me

They say that they don´t care at all
The world is fucking sad
On that point I agree with them
But nothing is that bad

Poison disease, eating through their minds
They will never see the end of the line
I will never understand why they do it to themselves
Why they choose a life that so resembles hell
Now I stand in pouring rain
At a friend´s funeral again
Tears fill my eyes
He lived a tortured life
And as I walk away
I see another stray
Stumbling down the street
It seems so sad to me

Bitter Truth
(Words & Music: Weinrich)

I knew a man, I´m proud to say
But he couldn´t live in a world he couldn´t see
The laws of life, its ways are cold
Hidden patterns genetic mold
No one seemed to know for sure
A knowing look of falling to death´s door
Living unreal, time is to steal
Booking passage on a journey unknown
Blackened veins of nihilistic sadness
A painted mask substance induced gladness
With a spike or from a bottle
Tiny cartoon pictures on a square of paper blotter
He was a man, was fear´s machine
Sickness don´t fail, don´t succumb to self-esteem
Unseen vessel, undreamed flight
No one knows if you were wrong or if you were right
R.I.P. H.B.

Dedicated to Doug (H.B.) Caldwell - R.I.P.

The Troll
(Words & Music: Chandler)

I´ve been down so long, I cannot see
Any way out of me
I live under rocks and under stones
That´s where I spend my time alone
People don´t know I exist
Their company is never missed
I never see the light of day
Somehow that don´t bother me
Nothing ever changes
I gave up trying
Once I stuck my head above ground
I didn´t like what was around
Crime, disease and poverty
All of this assaulting me
People shove as hard as they can
No one lends a helping hand
You could drop dead in the street
And they´d just laugh hysterically
Nothing ever changes
I gave up trying
Worlds may come and worlds may go
I´ll just stay here down below
Bats and worms are my friends
They´ll stick with me until the end
Don´t want to be a part of your land
Down here I am my own man
I live and hope eternally
For a world filled with peace
Nothing ever changes
I gave up trying

Looking Glass
(Words & Music: Weinrich)

When is the time, to do something about your agony
Without a dime, you can´t moan about the way it should be
The passion is there, let it come out naturally
You need not care, how others might think you should be
Look at the past, the name of the game was pain
The pleasure don´t last, you lost what there was to gain
Hurtin´ so many, lovin´ so few
The one good thing that you can do
Playing the stars your melodies
Living´s so hard when it´s on your knees
You know what´s right, and you know that kindness can
It´s a mental fight and the winner is a man
Open your eyes, shake your head
Raise your body from the dead
Cold gray haze will never stay
Don´t ever let ´em take your strength away