(SST Records, 1985)

War Is Our Destiny
(Reagars, Chandler)

no more war !

heavy metal wings
shining in the night
every inch is prepared
for kamikaze flight
the machines are faster
and the bombs are worse
as we´re all sucked into
this unholy curse

war is our destiny

there´s a thousand armies
dressed up with nowhere to go
all ready to dance
in the final show
these men aren´t bad men
they´re like you or me
the only thing that´s different
is their destiny

we both sign treaties
and they always die
neither side can give us
a good reason why
they´re always talking louder
and now we are too
guess we both bit off
more than we could chew

White Stallions

yesterday I saw my face
pictured in the sky
as I gazed upon myself
my whole life flashed by
I heard the sound of hoofbeats
from a thousand angry mares
before I could control my thoughts
my inner soul was theirs

white stallions
in my vein
white stallions
lord stop me
before I go insane

took me to the promised land
where everything is free
looked around and saw my friends
laughing loud at me
a great stone wall divided us
on their side was a dance
on my side was endless torture
guess I blew my chance

only time can ease the pain
the stallions left behind
tiny hoofprints on my arm
strung out in a line
wish that I could start again
and change my evil ways
trapped upon the stallion´s back
´till my dying days

Mystic Lady

black smoke rising
from the stain
of unearthly
charred remains
sweet young maiden
blonde and fair
she was a witch so
we burned her there

as she burned she
laughed out loud
from the sky fell
a bloody shroud
as we gasped and gazed
with astonished eyes
mystic lady
began to rise

nothing grows here
we painted crucifixes
on our doors
mystic lady´s
spirit lives
we took her life so
ours we give

Hallow´s Victim

panic in the air
awaken to the call
ghostly apparitions
making your skin crawl
incense, tambourines
sorcerors arise
all you see are pools of blood
and fire in their eyes

grinning jack-o-lanterns
lit by candle-light
couldrons bubble over-filled
on this night of nights
leather bat-wings
slicing through the air
leaves your body white with shock
you´re wide-eyed and scared

cross in your hand
time to make your stand
your bravery´s fading somehow
garlic ´round your neck
paranoia´s got you wrecked
you jump at every little sound

boney witches fingers
are scratching at your face
skeletons sit beside you
making your heart race
cold sweat is running
running from your brow
you´ve got a one-way ticket
to six-feet underground

The Sadist
(Reagars, Chandler)

he looked around
saw nothing
blinked his eyes and he was gone
he couldn´t cry
with his head in his hands
he tried to laugh
but the tears still ran

well he tried to warn you
but you didn´t care
then he just shook his head
well he said no more
just faced the wind
glared and he was gone again

we had a chance
but we let it go
we let our dreams change our lives
and now every night
as you look to the sky
hear his growl
´cause we´ve gone much too far

Just Friends (Empty Love)
(Reagers, Chandler)

I don´t want your empty love
just leave me alone
I have done okay so far
living on my own
you said you could give me shelter
underneath your wing
but all I ever got from you
was hate and misery

you don´t want
to be
just friends

thought that I would always be there
everytime you call
now you seem surprised to find
that I´m not there at all
oh you loved the way you had me
pressed beneath your thumb
now I am the one who´s laughing
my new life´s begun

my new life is getting stronger
since you´ve gone away
survival is the only thing
that I care for today
you showed me the beautiful
and ugly sides of love
now I am to roam the earth
bitching what you´ve done

Prayer For The (M)asses
(Reagars, Chandler)

everybody wants to know
where you get off
thinking that you´re bad because
you praise the dogs
satan´s evil you had
better stay away
or else with your stupid soul
you will have to pay

you wear your crosses upside-down
it shows that you´re a fool
you don´t realize
what he´s got in store for you

the flames of hell
burn eternally
they never die
you must think it will be fun
to forever fry

you scorn the good book laugh at me
say I am an ass
but I´ll have the final chuckle when
judgement´s passed
I may not rise right away
I am not that pure
but I know I won´t follow you
and that is for sure

prayer for the masses
pray for their asses