(Hellhound Records, 1995)

Dark World
(Words & Music: Chandler)

I just took a trip
into a bottomless well
face to face with the madness
that´s been cracking my shell
all around me, decay
burning in my eyes
I can see no way
to save our lives

I hear little children
begging for relief
I hear all of us say
don´t even bother me
tomorrow it could be you
tomorrow it could be me
we´re all in the same slimy boat
and we´re all going to sink

It´s a dark world
It´s a dark world

Digging through the waste
of a tortured land
you´ll meet others, like you
the last trace of man
everybody´s crying
and everybody screams
you will turn your head and say
I only care about me

It´s a dark world

One Mind
(Words & Music: Chandler)

Release your head from the world
keep yourself underground
no one understands your mind
grown tired of screaming
and talking to the walls
no one understands your mind

Humans programmed like robots
making sure you don´t belong
no one understands your mind
live with the constant knocking
from the fools at your door
no one understands your mind

Searching hell for the exit
never to be found
no one understands your mind
if you could stop the world
you would take your leave
no one understands your mind

Let The End Begin
(Words & Music: Chandler)

The window of your bedroom wall
protects you from the cold
yet the image on the outside
quickly makes you old
the final whisp, your dying breath
brings me close to you
and when I´m there to close your neck
your days on earth are through

I am the reaper
solemn and grim
I relieve pain
let the end begin

The flowers in the darkened room
feel the mourners´ tears
cries of anguish in the night
add to the fear
thunder, rain and distant screams
all are here today
the living souls dress in black
and pray for your remains

I am the reaper
solemn and grim
I relieve pain
let the end begin

Eternal rest, eternal peace
the only thing you know
torment that once burned in you
is now cold as your stone
I can feel another heart
calling out to me
another life tired of pain
and screaming, put me to sleep

Please Mr. Reaper
solemn and grim
release my pain
and let the end begin

Oh, let the end begin
Please, please Mr. Reaper

Trail Of Pestilence
(Words & Music: Chandler)

Hey there brothers
the time is near
you wouldn´t listen
now it´s too clear
power madmen
screwed our world
now we suffer
for their thrills

They made our planet
a bloody waste
something sour
is all we taste
poison clouds
in ruptured skies
they enjoy progress
while your children die

We let it happen
we sealed our fate
we´re thinking twice, now
but it´s too late
burning bodies
with eyes that glow
distorted vision
of a life we´ve known

(Words & Music: Chandler)

Can you feel the evil
can you hear the wail
the sound of destiny
sharpening its nails
the scent of corruption
from a race called man
the beast now declares
it´s time to bloody the land

Beware ..........          The Sloth
Beware                     Here comes The Sloth

Can you hear the war
can you feel the plague
as it slowly moves
along the path you´ve made
now it´s right behind you
you can run no more
it´s time to pay the piper
time to settle the score

Beware ..........          The Sloth
Beware                     Here comes The Sloth

Realize you´re the mother
of this demon you face
you have given birth
to the end of our race
you look for someone to blame
but only dead are around
the beast knows you by name
in his wrath, you go down

Beware ..........          The Sloth
Beware                     Here comes The Sloth

Return Of The Zombie
(Words & Music: Chandler)

Crack the surface
I arise
hungry again
my gray insides
can´t wait
can´t wait to begin


You send the same ones
to hunt me again
a foolish try
you cannot kill
what´s never been
I shall feed tonite

arise, zombie

The little ones
taste the same
it makes me smile
and the holes
in front of my skull
shine with something vile
I leave no marks
I leave no trace
just a body, drained
and in the morning light
you´ll find
not even a stain


In The Asylum
(Words & Music: Chandler)

They never saw
the indications
they never saw
her eyes go vacant
and now she lives
on medication
she´s got a lifetime

She´s hooked up
to a machine
so they can watch
her sick brain scream
is all she needs
to keep her happy

There´s no way out
once you´re in
there´s no way out

The catacombs within her
bleak and dreary mind
altered just for research
she´s lost all track of time
she lives in unreality
knows not even her name
the world around her changes
but her cries still sound the same

is contagious
I speak
from experience
they never saw
the indications
they never saw
my eyes go vacant

There´s no way out
once you´re in
there´s no way out
of the asylum

Just Another Notch
(Words & Music: Chandler)

Hey you, remember me?
I´m your long lost friend
you thought you got rid of me
now I´m back in style again
tell yourself that
you don´t know me
you don´t know my name
call me black tar
call me white horse
it´s all the same

You´re going down to the devil´s bar
to meet the man
you give him everything you´ve got
to feel me again
heat me up now
pull it tighter
the spoon is your throne
release the tension
feel my rush
welcome home
trust me

„Aah, you´re lucky now, don´t ya?
now you realize, why I´m your very best friend
damn it feels smooth, doesn´t it?
this thing have you right back in you, yeah
oh no no no no no, hold on, hold on
wait a minute man, just wait a minute
It´s same as last time, trust me
Someone like you can never ever need too much (hate/pain???)
trust me, trust me, trust me“

Trust me!
Trust me!

Hey you! Remember me?
I´m your hungry friend
think you´ve fed me enough?
you better think again
and now, this time
what you´re feeling
is a little too much
they´ll find you cold in
your own backyard
you´re just another notch