(Hellhound Records, 1992)
Children Of Doom
(Words & Music: Chandler)
Children of doom
We are your father
And we are like
No other
Let me see your hands
Let me hear you scream
Because you are here
You know what it means
We are the children of doom
Give us some room
Like an ancient idol
We stand before you
But we are nothing
Nothing more than you
You are the ones
Who keep us alive
We can feel it from you
See it in your eyes
We are the secret
Soon to be known
The more we´re together
The quicker we grow
We are the end
Of the endless maze
We are the light
In the daily haze
Children of doom
Planet Of Judgement
(Words: Linderson, Acosta/Music: Chandler, Linderson, Adams, Acosta)
Stranded here, a thousand light years, away from home
Blackened clouds, fill their horizons, storms to come
They cut down their forests with steel jagged blades
And poison their air
Scorning the surface with nuclear waste, nature crys
We saw them fight their, wars again, they never won
So unwise, so surprise, their own demise
Pain and starvation throughout their nations, unjustice prevails
Falling from grace, destined to die, we wonder why…
„Heed the warning, time is dawning, come ye faithful,
meet thy maker… it´s (his) time“
Stood there helpless, saw their sun set, so relentless,
The very last time
What made them wander, this trail of sorrow, that has to end?
Signs around them, plian and simple, they chose to pretend
Now nothingness is all that remains, a pity and shame
Should´ve learned to, follow the rules, if you decide
To play the game
Planet of judgement
Shadow of A Skeleton
(Words & Music: Chandler)
By the moonlight
I arise
To set you in my sights
You can´t touch me
Don´t even try
For I´m the ruler of the night
Like night-shadows
I can´t be seen
So I can infect your dreams
Grisly settings
Are my home
Feel the fear in your bones
I´m walking as a skeleton
You´re in my way
I´ll take your precious mind; and
Turn it to clay
Out in the shadows
You´ll run into me
Just like a velvet chill
I am inside thee
Call me fear, call me terror
The name it matters not
Once I work my way inside you
I am all you´ve got
Bring me happiness
I´ll give you pain
And leave your fuckin´ body drained
You´re the one who
Asked for this
Next time think before you wish
After nightfall
I´ll be there
To take your mind into my lair
Are you dreaming?
No this is real!
Self-made agony, you feel
(I Am) The Screaming Banshee
(Words & Music: Chandler)
I am the screaming star
You don´t remember
I am the jone who started
The fucking game
I am the screaming banshee
That you don´t recall
I am the one who
You think has lost it´s name
Listen and you will hear
That I have been there
Keep your head alive
I´m the only one
Take a good look around
I am there, man
I am the one who´s left
When it´s said and done
You try to ignore me
But that won´t work, dear
I am the tortured sound
Within your ear
Just like the needle, hot
Piercing inside
I will change your life
Control your fears
Plague of Man
(Words & Music: Chandler)
Come and listen to my tale of woe
My final downfall came not long ago
I have got a disease that breeds tears
It´s been plagueing man for years and years
Everybody here knows how it feels
When the heartache grows beyond unreal
All you do is think about that girl
Then the madness cracks your eggshell world
Everything around you falls apart
We have lost the race right from the start
Nothing left inside a washed-out brain
Weighted down forever by her chains
It´s the plague of man
Imagination Man

(Words: Chandler/Music: Chandler, Adams, Acosta)
Listen to me
A teller of tales
Of knights in black armor
And maidens in veils
Gather ´round me children
Gaze upon the sky
Imagination takes you
Higher if you try
Backward through time
You travel with me
To days of king Arthur
And dark history
Draw your sword
I can smell
The scent of war
Crusades won
Battles lost
Pays the cost
Heroes die
But legends remain
History tells us
Again and again
Gather ´round me children
Gaze upon the sky
Imagination is the
Only way to get high
(Words & Music: Chandler)
In the dark recesses
of your little mind
I begin to breathe
It´s getting near my time
As the bloody rivers
flow through your veins
I am growing stronger
You´ll never be the same
If you think I´m nothng
You better think again
Once you get me started
You will never win
You´ll feel me inside you
When you´re all alone
Common sense will leave
Then you´re mine to own
Feel me
I´m part of you
Feel me
I know you do
Now you´re sweating ice
You shake everyday
And it gives me pleasure
To watch your world decay
As you split your seams
And your nerves are shot
You cannot face the world
All control is lost
Get Away
(Words & Music: Chandler)
Wipe your bloodshot eyes
The day is new
Time to face your pain
Your life is everything
But reality
Just yourself to blame
As you start to crawl
Through the paces
Shed another tear
Scream and moan about
How it should have been
And why are you here?
Take a good look
In the mirror
And tell me what you see
Reflections of your past
The way it should have stayed
You let it get away
When you were
Very young
The future seemed so clear
But as you leave
Your childhood
Clouds begin to appear
So now you´re growing tired
And pain lives in your head
You´ve done too many things
That only leave regrets
You´re sitting
All alone
No friends to your name
They all left
Years ago
They couldn´t take the strain
Your life´s been
Totally wasted
Your dreams are torn apart
You could have
Had the good life
But now you´ll just depart
Yo let it get away
(Words & Music: Chandler)
Do you know me
I think you do
I rise each night
From my tomb
My bone-dry lips
Long for you
I feed on humans
Freshly brewed
My mortuary
Is a gruesome sight
As I play with you
In the dead of night
I´m never caught
And I´m never seen
As I crease the sky
With the blackest wings
The crack of dawn
Sends a chill through me
I know that I must end my feast
Into the dust I must go
Until the next moonbeam glows
A Timeless Tale
(Words & Music: Chandler)
Someone left the candle burning
And the Jack-O-Lantern grinned
As the flames licked past it´s face
The tiny structure burst into a
Raging inferno
Killing everything inside
Except one lost soul
And the Jack-O-Lantern grinned
For it knows...
He´s with you now
Hallows Victim (Exhumed)
(Words & Music: Chandler)
Panic in the air
Awaken to the call
Ghostly apparitions
Making your skin crawl
Sorcerors arise
All you see are pools of blood
And fire in their eyes
Grinning Jack-O-Lanterns
Lit by candle light
Couldrons bubble over-filled
On this night of nights
Leather bat wings
Slicing through the air
Leaves your body white with shock
Wide-eyed and scared
Cross in your hand
Time to make your stand
Your bravery´s fading somehow
Garlic round your neck
Paranoia´s got you wrecked
You jump at every little sound
Boney,witches fingers
Scratching at your face
Skeletons sit beside you
Making your heart race
Cold sweat is runnin´
Runnin´ from your brow
You´ve got a one-way ticket
To six feet underground